Prayer of Thanksgiving to the Trinity

This lovely prayer is Act of Thanksgiving to the Trinity, from St. Catherine's Dialogue on Divine Providence.
It appears in the Office of the Readings on her feast day, April 29.

O Eternal God! O Eternal Trinity! Through the union of Thy divine nature Thou hast made
so precious the Blood of Thine only-begotten Son! O eternal Trinity, Thou art as deep a
mystery as the sea, in whom the more I seek, the more I find; and the more I find, the more
I seek. For even immersed in the depths of Thee, my soul is never satisfied, always
famished and hungering for Thee, eternal Trinity, wishing and desiring to see Thee, the
True Light.
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O eternal Trinity, with the light of understanding I have tasted and seen the depths of Thy
mystery and the beauty of Thy creation. In seeing myself in Thee, I have seen that I will
become like Thee. O eternal Father, from Thy power and Thy wisdom clearly Thou hast
given to me a share of that wisdom which belongs to Thine Only-begotten Son. And truly
hast the Holy Spirit, who procedeth from Thee, Father and Son, given to me the desire to
love Thee.

O eternal Trinity, Thou art my maker and I am Thy creation. Illuminated by Thee, I have
learned that Thou hast made me a new creation through the Blood of Thine Only-begotten
Son because Thou art captivated by love at the beauty of Thy creation.

O eternal Trinity, O Divinity, O unfathomable abyss, O deepest sea, what greater gift could
Thou givest me then Thy very Self? Thou art a fire that burns eternally yet never
consumed, a fire that consumes with Thy heat my self-love. Again and again Thou art the
fire who taketh away all cold heartedness and illuminateth the mind by Thy light, the light
with which Thou hast made me to know Thy truth.

By this mirrored light I know Thou are the highest good, a good above all good, a fortunate
good, an incomprehensible good, an unmeasurable good, a beauty above all beauty, a
wisdom above all wisdom, for Thou art wisdom itself, the the food of angels, the fire of love
that Thou givest to man.

Thou art the garment covering our nakedness. Thou feedest our family with Thy sweetness,
a sweetness Thou art from which there is no trace of bitterness. O Eternal Trinity! Amen.

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St. Catherine of Siena (1347-1380), Doctor of the Church

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