God, through whom we sleep or wake
Here’s my soul for Thee to take.
Lift me in divine release
Out of time and back to peace.
Fold me in Perhaps and Seem,
Make me once again the dream
Dreamed before I came to be
The thing I am, this loved—by—Thee.
Keep unchanged my moonlit world
Of fields and snow-roofs bluely pearled,
And starry stillness vast and deep
Round the silence of my sleep.
Bring, in icy air afar,
Tomorrow’s drop of morning star.
Wake me, gentle, with a kiss
Out of night’s unplumbed abyss,
Through the day to feel and be
Lost in Thee as Thou in me.
Here’s the password, still the same,
The drifting whisper of Thy name:
“Jesus!’’ And I make the sign,
Passing Thee-ward half divine.
Inward to the world of Seem.
Twelve o’clock and all is dream.

-John Duffy, C.SS.R



John Duffy, C.Ss.R.
priest, poet, mystic
+ Christmas Eve, 1993

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