The Feast of All Saints
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SOME SAINTS ONLINE (and oases for prayer)

The Patron Saints Index (a tremendous amount on numerous saints, including biographies, prayers, images - and always expanding!)

Catholic Online Saint Index  (a large listing and much information)

Lives of Saints  (much material about numerous saints from St Patrick's in D.C. by Kathy Rabenstein)

Ave Maria - of course,  about Our Lady.

KolbeNet - following St Maximilian Kolbe a good bit on prayer and Our Lady.

GODFRIENDS (with special attention to Dame Julian of Norwich) - much material on the saints for reflection and prayer.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta a site with much about this modern day saint!

Saints' Lives (good materials from a variety of sources)

Saints' Biographies  (part of larger site by Deacon Mark Ripper)

Cistercian Saints (from the Trappist branch of the Cistercians)

Canadian Saints (and those "on the way")

Prayer  (a site put together by a Catholic priest with much materials on prayer and meditation).

Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) (Mother Angelica's site has many beautiful offerings about the saints--including some for real live audio).

The Carthusians  (this is a monastic community that is truly "hidden with God in Christ" that fosters intimacy with Christ in a way of life rooted in the desert fathers: and it is the only ancient religious community in the Church that has never needed a reform!).

Resurrection House of Prayer (a lot of heart and spirit in these warm and fervent pages).

Catolicos Page has a multi-language page with many saints links.

A Catholic Page for Lovers  (the webservant's site with lots about the saints among many other resources as well).

Some online Papal Documents on the Saints:

John Paul II: Augustinum Hipponensem (1986) On Saint Augustine

John Paul II: Redemptoris Custos (1989) On Saint Joseph

John Paul II: Divini Amoris Scientia (1998) On St Therese as Doctor of Church

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