The Feast of All Saints

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Some Saintly Anecdotescelticli.gif (2262 bytes)

saintly financial advice:

When advised to make out his will, Saint Laurence O'Toole (Irish bishop)
replied: "My will? My word, man, what are you talking about? Thank God I
haven't a penny left in the world!"

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a saint on the pleasures of prayer:

Saint Jane Francis de Chantal was heading to the convent chapel one day to
pray. Encountering a young novice in the hallway, she said: why don't you
join me in the chapel for prayer? The young nun answered: Sister, I really
don't feel like praying right now. Whereupon Saint Jane retorted in her
no-nonsense way: Sister, I haven't felt like praying in years! Now, let's
go to the chapel and pray!"

celticli.gif (2262 bytes) on great missions:

A man approached Mother Teresa and said, Mother, I want to do something
great for God, but I don't know what. Should I start a school, be a
missionary in a foreign land, build up a charitable agency? He had great
visions. Mother Teresa looked at him closely, with kindness, and
responded: What you need to do is make sure that no one in your family
goes unloved.

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an example of saintly humility before God:

After falling in the mud, Saint Teresa of Avila muttered: "No wonder you
have so few friends, Lord, the way you treat them!"

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