Thanksgiving for the Gift of Holy Faith

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

O Savior of the world, I thank Thee for myself and all my brethren in the faith, that Thou hast called and admitted us to live in that true faith which the holy Catholic Roman Church teaches.

With St Francis of Sales I will say to Thee: 'Good God, many and great are the blessings by which I am bound to Thee, and for which I give Thee most hearty thanks; but how can I sufficiently thank Thee for having enlightened me with the holy faith? I tremble, O Lord, when I compare this Thy great gift with my own ingratitude'.

Nevertheless, I thank Thee, O Lord, as much as such a miserable creature is able, and I beseech Thee to make known to all men the beauty of Thy holy faith.

'O God,' exclaimed the same Saint, 'the beauty of Thy holy faith appears so lovely that I die of love for it; and it seems to me that I ought to preserve this precious gift of God in a heart all perfumed with devotion.'

But, alas! O Jesus, my Redeemer, how few are they who live in this holy faith! O God, the greatest part of mankind lies buried in the darkness of infidelity or of heresy!

Thou didst humble Thyself to death, even to the death of the Cross, for the salvation of men, and these very men ungratefully refuse even to know Thee. Ah, I beseech Thee, Almighty God, O supreme infinite Good, make Thyself known by all, make Thyself loved by all.

O Mary, great Mother of God, thou art the protectress of all; behold the havoc which hell in our times is causing, and daily causes more and more, by spreading on every side so many poisonous books, containing many errors against faith, which, for our misfortune, freely circulate even in Catholic countries. Ah, in pity beseech thy God, who loves thee so much. Beseech Him, and remedy this great ruin.

Pray, pray; thy prayers are all-powerful with Jesus thy Son, who delights to grant thee all thy requests. Amen

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