He is coming…


                    Change your life!

                            Prepare your soul.


A still heart

carved from loneliness

and steeped in the Baptist’s cry

awaits its mate and Master

in a rustic place

with no glimmer of glory

and without reservation


Each desire to beat

a silent chasm

between life and death

an urgent prayer and expectation

of completion long withheld


A still and deserted heart

that knows its limits

waits in joy and terror

for a child’s little gurgle

a pleasure of God with men

to heal the hallowed heart


on a cold and fallow night

in a ghost town


and loved.




To wait in a cavern all these years
A hole dripping sin
Heart gloaming into rock
Echoes pounding blame
Horror of guilt
Bare chasm of hell

And then to bend crooked body to light
and glimpse a perfect One
Who enters into fog
Heads for the grave
And turns our sins concave
This is heaven come.

The jarring nations he in peace shall bind
And with paternal virtues rule mankind
Unbidden earth shall wreathing ivy bring
And fragrant herbs (the promises of spring)
As her first offerings to her infant king

Virgil (70-19 B.C.)

Baby’s Cry

I want the baby’s cry
To pelt me from my sleep
Sleep is so alone
And snowdrift too deep

It is a frigid world
Without His tender call
An icicle of dim
And a thirst too small

Milk-fed baby give
sweet fire to me
Melt frozen heart
Join me to Thee.


Fool’s Gold

Long and lonely wait for gold-plated home –
Age of alchemy’s plea:
Leave me alone!

Away, little cry, only riches enough for me
None to share with young
Promise of Mary

Sufficient to me, my own godly hold
No, grasp of infant’s fist,
Seize fool’s gold.



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